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Oracle ULA Advisory

It is critical to determine whether the Oracle ULA, Oracle ELA, or Oracle PULA is the best agreement for your company.
Ettesaq helps you make this decision by assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each based on your requirements. We also help in obtaining the optimal Oracle ULA certification for the current agreement.

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Oracle Support Cost Reduction

It is in your best interest to reduce rising Oracle support renewal costs. Ettesaq helps you achieve a favorable license agreement by offering a reduction approach and leading the negotiation process with Oracle.


Understand Your Oracle Agreements

Discover everything you need to know about your Oracle Agreement to avoid unnecessary purchases with our thorough Comprehensive Entitlement Review.

What to Expect

  • Oracle Agreements Review (OMA, OLSA, ULA, ELA)
  • Oracle Software License Assets Inventory Report

Discover Your Oracle Software Deployment

Assess Oracle software license deployment and discover actual Oracle software usage through a gap analysis report to improve Oracle compliance.

What to Expect

  • Oracle License Usage Report
  • Oracle Financial Exposure Report

Optimize Your Oracle Software Consumption

Remediate the misuse of Oracle software license deployment and improve Oracle license compliance through Oracle software license optimization recommendations.

What to Expect

  • License Optimization Recommendations
  • License Remediation Instructions

Get Oracle License Audit Advice

Ensure an effective license position. Protect your rights during Oracle license audits and ensure that it does not deviate from the standard methodology of the binding license audit obligation.

What to Expect

  • Oracle Audit Simulation
  • Audit Defense and Formal Response


Increasingly complex relationships between software, devices, and users make understanding your software licenses tough. Ettesaq’s SAM managed services help you lower risk, reduce complexity, and control costs.

  • Hardware Discovery
  • Software Inventory
  • Software Configuration
  • Deployment Visibility

Manage Your Complex and Costly Software Needs Efficiently

How Are We Different

Ettesaq is proud to be the leading independent software consulting company in the GCC, and the only organization with the local and international resources and working relationships required to negotiate directly with major IT publishers such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and others.

We Have Helped Numerous Clients Enhance Their SAM

Need Help With Your Licenses?

Oracle Licensing in Different Environments

Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)

Oracle License Agreement Overview

Oracle Licensing Overview

Oracle license calculation depends on its environment type, each of which has different licensing rules and terms. This document gives an overview of the rules for the following environments: Data Recovery Environments, Server Partitioning Environments, Virtualized Environments, and Shared Storage (Non-Virtualized) Environments.

Oracle offers an Unlimited License Agreement for clients whose growth is unpredictable or clients who are experiencing significant non-compliance status from multiple Oracle programs. This document describes the advantages and disadvantages (time, policies, technical issues, and methodology) of Unlimited License Agreements.

Oracle offers consistent licensing across its services and products. This overview provides definitions for Oracle's software contracts, Cloud Services Agreement, hardware contracts, and support services contracts. It also includes Oracle's license definitions and rules.

This document provides a rundown of Oracle licensing. It includes information about Oracle technology stack, programs, and specific information about licensing rules such as technology and application metrics, terms, types, environment types, and conditions.