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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Negotiation

It is essential to review your Microsoft EA to ensure it is dynamic enough to support future strategic IT objectives. Ettesaq can help you understand your Microsoft Volume Licensing. This will enable you to cut spending and negotiate your Microsoft software assurance agreement. READ MORE

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Microsoft True-Up Guidance

It is important to report the detailed list of qualified devices and users every year to determine the total license count necessary to remain compliant. Ettesaq helps you evaluate Microsoft license deployment and provides expert guidance on how best to incorporate additional license requirements to avoid extra purchases.


Understand Your Microsoft Agreements

Discover everything you need to know about your Microsoft agreement to avoid unnecessary purchases with our thorough Comprehensive Entitlement Review.

What to Expect

  • Validate Microsoft Proof of Entitlements (PoE)
  • Review Microsoft Volume Licensing (MLS)

Discover Your Microsoft Software Deployment

Assess your software license deployment and discover your actual software usage through a gap analysis report to know when you need to true up or a obtain a step-up license.

What to Expect

  • Microsoft Effective License Position (“ELP”) Report
  • Visibility on Your Microsoft Software Deployment

Optimize Your Microsoft Software Consumption

Remediate the misuse of software license deployment and improve license compliance through software license optimization recommendations.

What to Expect

  • License Optimization Recommendation
  • License Remediation Instructions

Get Microsoft License Audit Advice

Ensure software license compliance based on the effective license position, protect your rights during a Microsoft software license audit, and be confident that it will be conducted within the scope of your agreement.

What to Expect

  • Optimal Commercial Resolution
  • Audit Defense and Formal Response


Increasingly complex relationships between software, devices, and users make it difficult to understand your software licenses. Ettesaq’s SAM managed services help you lower risk, reduce complexity, and control costs.

  • Hardware Discovery
  • Software Inventory
  • Software Configuration
  • Deployment Visibility

Manage Your Complex and Costly Software Needs Efficiently

How Are We Different

Ettesaq is proud to be the leading independent software consulting company in the GCC, and the only organization with the local and international resources and working relationships required to negotiate directly with major IT publishers such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and others.

We Have Helped Numerous Clients Enhance Their SAM

Need Help With Your Licenses?

Introduction To Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Introduction To Microsoft Commercial Licensing

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) provides pricing that is tailored to your organization, which is ideal for clients seeking a flexible commercial license. This overview describes its structure, details, key attributes, products, and platforms.

This overview describes what Microsoft offers for clients who want commitment-based or transactional products and services. These include cloud services, on-premises software, and/or Software Assurance options. The document also provides details about license types and how to buy them.