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Ettesaq helps you achieve software license compliance and get through license audits successfully by assessing and optimizing your IT environment deployment.

We Help You Overcome Challenges Arising from Software Licenses to Prevent the Risk of Non-Compliance

Tracking Software Deployment

Tracking Software Deployment

Analyzing software licenses is difficult. It takes time and requires a thorough understanding of complex software licensing rules and IT infrastructure.

Risks of Under Licensing

Optimizing software license deployment is not easy. Non-compliance results in financial exposure and expensive legal challenges.

Challenges of Measuring License Utilization

Mapping servers to licenses to measure utilization is challenging. It requires performing hardware discovery and software inventory/configuration to ensure proper deployment is measured.

Inadequate Audit Defense

Inadequate Audit Defense

Vendors are not always consistent in approaching license audits and companies do not always have the requisite knowledge to benchmark license audit results and defend them adequately.

Ettesaq enables you to move beyond management challenges that are inefficient and prevent growth

Rising Software

Digitalization initiatives across the software environment lead to excessive software spending.

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Lack of

Mapping out software across an organization can be challenging. This is especially true for large enterprises.

Group 3014

Software overlap and redundancy are increasing as businesses become more complex.

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Unauthorized Usage

Larger enterprises can find it difficult to discover and track all software deployment to detect who is using what.

Make Licensing Expertise Work for You

Software Licensing Compliance

Perform technical analysis by mapping software against licensing entitlement to identify where you stand from a 100% compliance position.

Software License Optimization

Optimize license utilization and receive recommendations for actions to remediate the misuse of license deployment and mitigate the risks of under licensing.

License Audit Advisory

Understand your rights and obligations and craft a bulletproof strategy to avoid unexpected financial exposure. This ensures the best course of action before, during, and after audits.



How We Help You Achieve 100% Software License Compliance

Understand Your Software License

Establish your Effective License Position (ELP) with a thorough analysis of your infrastructure.


  • Software Asset Inventory Report
  • Gap Analysis Report

Optimize Your Environment

Ensure that you're getting the best value by remediating deployed or authorized, yet unused, software licenses.


  • License Optimization Recommendation
  • Software Deployment Recommendation

Be Audit Ready

Be fully prepared in the event of a vendor license audit and be sure that it will be conducted properly.


  • License Audit Simulation
  • Audit Defense and Formal Response

How We Are Different

Ettesaq is proud to be the leading independent software consulting company in the GCC, and the only organization with the local and international resources and working relationships required to negotiate directly with major IT publishers such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and others.

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