Evaluate. Negotiate. Purchase.

Ettesaq creates value for clients by adding data-driven decision making to the software procurement process and identifying optimal strategies to manage software licensing, contracting, and compliance.

We Empower You To Overcome Challenges That Could Result in Significant Unbudgeted Costs & Risks

High License Costs

Acquiring software licenses can be expensive and vendor discounting is inconsistent and unpredictable.

Complex License Agreements

Software contracts are complicated. They require careful examination to ensure due diligence is performed.

Difficulty in Identifying Needs

Given the wide variety of services vendors offer, it can be difficult to identify your company’s needs.

Lack of Negotiating Expertise

Negotiating software licensing agreements requires a sound strategy and a significant amount of knowledge and skill.

Make Technology Procurement Expertise Work for You

Technology Procurement Advisory

Perform holistic assessment of underlying infrastructure capabilities, define the requirement, and provide global price benchmarks to craft comprehensive RFPs and achieve the best commercial terms.

Enterprise Agreement (EA) Advisory

Evaluate enterprise agreements (EA) against cost, flexibility, and scalability goals to negotiate an agreement that supports your strategic IT objectives and offers favorable terms and conditions.

Support Cost Reduction

Reduce accumulated maintenance renewal expenses by identifying redundant services and software and gaining insight into which parts of your support renewal agreement are negotiable.



How We Help You Take Control of Your IT Spending

Reduce Risk Exposure

Determine whether changes to your terms are necessary for current agreements and perform due diligence to mitigate contractual risks.


  • Apply Contract Due Diligence
  • Examine the Terms and Conditions

Save Money by Cutting Costs

Do not waste money on unnecessary license purchases. We guarantee that you will buy only what you need and cut overall spending.


  • Optimize Support Renewal Fee
  • Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

Negotiate the Best Deal

We deliver licensing deals with vendors that reduce risk exposure, provide the best terms and conditions, and include pricing discounts.


  • Get Price & Discount Benchmark
  • Manage Negotiation with Vendor

Maximize Value of License Agreement

We ensure that you obtain high ROI by performing due diligence on all aspects including value-added services and products.


  • Identify Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Get Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

How We Are Different

Ettesaq is proud to be the leading independent software consulting company in the GCC, and the only organization with the local and international resources and working relationships required to negotiate directly with major IT publishers such as Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and others.

​Success Stories

Need Help With Your Existing Licenses?

Oracle License Agreement Overview

Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)

Introduction To Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Oracle offers consistent licensing across its services and products. This overview provides definitions for Oracle's software contracts, Cloud Services Agreement, hardware contracts, and support services contracts. It also includes Oracle's license definitions and rules.

Oracle offers an Unlimited License Agreement for clients whose growth is unpredictable or clients who are experiencing significant non-compliance status from multiple Oracle programs. This document describes the advantages and disadvantages (time, policies, technical issues, and methodology) of Unlimited License Agreements.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) provides pricing that is tailored to your organization, which is ideal for clients seeking a flexible commercial license. This overview describes its structure, details, key attributes, products, and platforms.