Oracle License Agreement Overview


A software license agreement is a contract between a software company and the user of that software. The software license grants the user specific rights to use the software in particular ways. It also allows a developer or a publisher to continue to own the software. This retained ownership is critical because it allows the developer or publisher to control the future development of the software and ensure that the software regularly meets its quality control standards.

Oracle Contracts Document

  1. Oracle’s Software Contracts
    The purchase of Oracle software will be based on an Oracle contract and order document which describes the specific products, types of licenses, number of users, level of support, and discounts (if any) a customer has ordered and will receive. When you sign or otherwise accept your Ordering Document, you are indicating your acceptance of the license terms in the OMA, OLSA, etc., as well as the Ordering Document. The Oracle software license terms may be in the form of the Oracle Master Agreement (OMA) or the Oracle License and Services Agreement (OLSA)..
    1. Oracle Master Agreement (OMA)
      The oracle master agreement (OMA) consists of the general terms and a schedule for each product and/or service that you have ordered. As you order new products and/or services the appropriate schedule will be added to your OMA. The OMA general terms and each schedule include references to the policies that apply to oracle products and/or services.
    2. Oracle License and Services Agreement (OLSA)
      The Oracle License and Services Agreement (OLSA) is focused on software programs and the related services. Note, however, that your OLSA may have been modified to incorporate hardware terms with a Hardware Amendment.
    3. Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)
      ULA is a time-­based contract for unlimited use for a subset of Oracle products.At the end of the term, the customer may choose between the following
      • Renew the ULA (for same or different conditions, term, products or entity).
      • Declare and certify usage to Oracle (to end the ULA).
  2. Oracle Cloud Services Agreement (CSA)
    The Oracle Cloud Services Agreement (CSA) focuses on Cloud Services.
  3. Hardware Contracts
    Your purchase of Oracle hardware will be based on an Oracle contract and order document. The Oracle hardware terms may be in the form of the Oracle Master Agreement (OMA) or the Oracle License and Services Agreement Hardware Amendment.
  4. Oracle License Definitions and Rules
    Oracle’s license definitions and rules explain your license grant in detail.
  5. Oracle Support Services Contracts
    Oracle’s Support Services are ordered using standard contracts.
    1. Premier Support Contracts
      Oracle Premier Support is generally ordered with software or hardware on an Oracle Master Agreement (OMA) plus the applicable Schedule or an Oracle License and Services Agreement (“OLSA”). The OMA/OLSA include the terms for Oracle Premier Support Services. The Oracle Technical Support Policies are incorporated into the OMA/OLSA and govern the delivery of the Oracle Premier Support Services.
    2. Advanced Customer Services Contracts
      In addition to Oracle Premier Support, Oracle offers additional Advanced Customer Services (ACS). The ACS services are contracted by adding an Exhibit that explains the terms and description of services for the particular ACS offering to the OMA/OLSA. Links to the ACS Service Exhibits are contained in the Technical Support Policies, which govern the delivery of the ACS services.


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